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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Soooooo yep it's been that long, way to long.  Life has just not played fair. But that's ok because I understand that if it did it wouldn't be any fun!
So I am going to give everyone a crash course in updates!

* 2 days after my last post............that would be Halloween 2013, while attempting to go to feed our animals I did a slip and slide down our back ramp and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) compound fractured both bones in my right leg! Yep you heard me right BOTH bones. Now for those of you who have never had the delight of breaking a bone, especially a compound fracture, I'm sure one of the worst parts is actually hearing your bone sNaP.  It is a sound that no human should ever have to hear.  Now remember I live about 40 miles from the nearest hospital.  This grand event happened around 10 am in the morning with just my two youngest boys aged 5 & 3 at the time.  And of course as I am laying outside SCREAMING in pain, they can't seem to find the telephone so that I can call anyone. And because I live a little less than a quarter mile from my neighbors I only had 1 option........send the boys. 
Now let me tell you that my neighbors are better than yours LOL....but she came to my rescue once again, loaded me (oh by the way I was about 4 months pregnant when this happened, yep with baby #7......another story for later) and rushed me to the hospital, oh what a painful trip that was.  Mind you my leg without support is in two pieces. I get there, feel like I'm going to throw up, thank the heavens my hubby met me there, and beg for drugs.
After evaluation, verification is was really broke (duh...)  they get me some mild drugs, not enough to make it feel much better!  Then my now doctor comes tells me is broke (duh again...) and I need surgery! YEAH, not
So after 8 hours of waiting in I went, drugged, and in the irony of this part is that to this point I have NEVER had an epidural with all of my 6 previous births but I got one with a broken leg.  Needless to say and hour later, a titanium plate and 7 screws later I was good as NEW!
3 months later I was in a walking boot and now almost a year later I am still in pain, still limping slightly PLUS I have one cool looking scar! As you can see I go all or I go home....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

9 Months..................

So a little over 9 months ago I lost my best friend, my biggest fan, my hero and greatest support and the WORLDS greatest Mom.  As I sit here today and look back and reflect of the memories I have of this amazing woman, I can honestly say she is one in a million.  You see, my mom, my hero, was the strongest, most selfless person I have ever had the privilege of loving.  She put EVERYTHING she ever wanted in life on hold for me and my siblings.  She was born in 1959 and was the youngest of 5 siblings.  She took the road of "hard knocks" and made it look easy.  She loved us unconditionally, with no limits.  She was beautiful inside and out, she touched everyone she came in contact with.  She loved fearlessly and took more crap than anyone I know.  She was married to 2 men in her life, who in my view NEVER deserved such and amazing woman.

I miss her everyday, and wonder why the Lord took her so young.  She had so much more to give and share with the world.  As I look around the world and I see those things she loved so much, her children, her family, her grandchildren, horses and the simple life...............I can't help but smile.  I know she is in Heaven smiling down on all of us, helping us from afar.  She is now with her father who passed away on my birthday, giggling and remembering the good times!  I hope that I can be just a speck of the amazing she was! 

As I sit here feeling this newest member of our family move around inside of me, it brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face that he or she's spirit is there with my Hero, and I can only imagine the stories my mom is telling this little angel.  I hope she is hugging and loving, and spending that time they have together before this little blessing comes Earth side to our family.

I love you mom with every fiber of my being...............thank you for everything that you have and continue to do for me.  Even though I miss you everyday and long to hear your voice telling me you love me.  I know you are happy and safe with our Heavenly Father.  Give Grandpa and hug for me and know you are forever in my heart.  Until we meet again.............keep smiling your beautiful smile!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

*****AMERICA the AMAZING********************

Better late than never is what they say................but I think I take it to a whole new level.  So as we have now hit the MID YEAR of  2013, I decided to look back and reflect, this is what I've found.  Our great nation better know as the United States of America is in what I would call a WHOLE CRAP TON OF TROUBLE! Yep you heard me a crap ton!
Here's how I see it....................our President being the ring leader and all his moronic followers aka the Senate/Congress are the most mislead, unethical, spineless individuals around.  So many of them I thought at some point actually had some morals or backbone have since shown their true colors.  And what do the American people do........................most of us sit here feeling hopeless, wonder what we can do, and don't know where to start!  
It use to be it was "talk to your Senator/Congressmen, but they have no back bone, they don't care what the people want.  All they care about is their political status, it sickens me!  Think people THINK.  If we don't "grow a set" sorry about the language, but it gets the point across!  Don't fall for the whole smoke and mirrors they at once upon used.  Now it's just flat out in your face.........what are you going to do about it!   Think of our children, Think of our future, Think of the MAJOR consequences that are headed our way, THINK with what God gave you.  Use your common sense, don't follow what they say EVERYONE else wants. It's all lies, and self serving ideas. 
I don't know where to start, but America has some amazingly smart, driven, God fearing, moral people. Search them out, help them out, Do your part!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Off to work I go......................after 4 years being out of the workforce, I'm goin' back!  Not because I really want to, but in the wake of our ecconomic down turn the old saying of "ya gotta do, what ya gotta do" seems to ring true.  And "what about the children" you may ask............well that is a great question.  I am hoping by some creative scheduling, lots of prayers, and a WHOLE LOT of bribery they may all make it out in one piece!

I am lucky to have the worlds greatest friend, awesome sister in law, and older children that are DESPERATE to make some cash!  I'm hoping that all these items will work well together.  So here I go...............I feel blessed to be able to return to my old job & pick up where I left off, well sort of!

Anywho, I feel blessed to be able to find a job, close to home, who understands I have a Crap Ton of kids, and seems to like me just the way I am!